Unsportsmanlike conduct ban twice within a few days


Admins, feel free to go check my last 10 demos or whatever. You will see that I am constantly trying to motivate my team and win the games, never causing any trouble, never complaining at people when they fail, just saying ‘unlucky’, trying to change positions when things arent working etc. Basically doing everything I can to win the game and help my team mates to. Dealing with toxic/racist/baiting/throwing people regularly, listening to 2/3/4 people arguing all the way through rounds and seeing them play again the next game without being banned etc. I only play solo queue. The only possible thing I can imagine is going wrong, is that many people are mad when they lose so they just report everyone on their team?

I love playing faceit, and think its an amazing platform to play on. But this is quite simply ruining it for me, and I am getting sick of it to the point where I’m not enjoying playing on it anymore as it might just happen again the next day. You are giving too much trust and power to young lads who many of which are toxic and immature.

As a member of the faceit CS community, my feedback is to either review the reports before giving out an instant ban(bearing in mind how many people are so toxic on CS and dont care if somebody gets banned, would probably just find it funny) or if that is too hard/too much effort then scrap the community bans altogether. Because it simply isn’t working, and many people who aren’t toxic and are getting banned are sick of it.

I expect to see replies saying things like ‘don’t be toxic and you wont get banned’ ‘its never happened to me in years’ etc.

No, that isnt whats happening here, you can go view my profile and download the demos from my last 10 games or whatever to see for yourself. This has only been an issue for the last few weeks/month or so, and people that stack with friends obviously wont suffer this as much.