Unrealistic missions


why are missions unrealistic? 8 hours of sleep 8 hours of work 4 hours of duty and 4 hours of free time how can I win 200 matches for this mode? Every day it comes out on 8 wins and I do not count on losing it and when I finish the mission where 40 winnings are 2500 f points and 200 to 100,000 f points, that’s ridiculous.


Why is there currently such a large difference in between the two Missions I have?

As we are still in the beta phase for FACEIT Missions, we are still testing a lot of elements surrounding the Missions. Each player currently has two Missions: one small and one large. The large one may seem unattainable to some players, while others may be able to breeze through it. We are collecting all of this data and it will help to improve the FACEIT Missions programme in the future.