Unfavorable matches and inconsistencies in PUG's (Algorithm changes)



Dear Faceit support & community,

As I’m sure you are all aware there are specific shortcomings with the websites algorithm in selecting the best PUG matches for players based up their ELO/Level.

Currently as I understand it, when searching for a ‘free’ 5v5 Faceit PUG, 10 players at random will be selected and the algorithm averages the ELO out to select ‘fair’ teams. While in theory this creates a very equal and balanced game it actually creates inconsistency to ranking up and playing with and against a similar skill level.

The current state allows 3 Level 10’s (2,001~ ELO per level 10) & 2 level 1’s (At say 600~ ELO per level 1) to amount to the grand total of 7,200 ELO overall. 5 Level 6’s (1450~ ELO each) would amount to 7,250 ELO. So yes the ELO is set very evenly, yet the game would be wholly unfair and in a state where the game is not only unbalanced but very simple for even 1 of the 3 level 10’s to take over the game and win it on their own.

Yes it is an extreme case but just today I find myself vs 3 level 10’s and 2 level 5’s with a team of 1 level 10, 3 level 8’s and a level 6. It is a mess on how big the level range is. The level 5’s/6 had no concept certain things some of the higher ranked players understood years ago and create a match where the game is disjointed and messy and does not allow people to feel they are playing with and against their own skill.

I suggest and offer a simple, fair and concise solution which would be a very simple algorithm.

In PUG’s your team and opponents are selected to play within 1 Level either side of your own level.

e.g. A level 3 plays against level 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. A level 7 plays against level 6’s,7’s, 8’s.

Longer queue times yes, but an option for this algorithm would be very successful in reaching games that are fair and competitive for ALL.

I have not forgotten about pre-made teams/duo’s/trio’s/quad’s with large rank differences. This in theory can be solved in an effective manor.

Put pre-mades at the level of the highest ranked player within the premade.

e.g. you search with 4 friends, the highest rank in your pre-made team is level 8. This means you play vs level 7’s, 8’s & 9’s unless a pre-made team mirrors your exact ranks.

This would reduce discrepancies in rank ranges.

Lower level players should play vs lower level players. Higher level players should play vs higher level players.

I think by this point you understand the thinking behind it so why not make it an ‘additional’ option for longer queue times with better quality games. This would make many people far more happy with the system and allow for a gradual ascendancy to the top while learning within your skill groups.

Thanks for reading

- In PUG’s your team and opponents are selected to play within 1 Level either side of your own level. e.g. A level 5 plays with AND against level 4’s, 5’s and 6’s. Similar to that of Matchmaking.
- Pre-mades are partially penalised, highest rank in player in the party is the level you play at. e.g. The pre-made teams highest level is 6 which means the full team will play against level 5’s, 6’s & 7’s.