Unfair Matchmaking


Why please?


Its not unfair because its all about Elo:
Screenshot_2018-12-26%20FACEIT%20competitive%20match%20-%20FACEIT%20com(1) Screenshot_2018-12-26%20FACEIT%20competitive%20match%20-%20FACEIT%20com


Thanks for replying but I’m not sure I understand. Doesn’t ELO determine rank? ie. https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/208511105-Ranking-ELO-Info-

Are you saying that the numbers in the circles are meaningless?

Could you please explain further how it is that I’m matched up against this team (below image) and get demolished? Does this look fair?


You live in Australia. Thats the main reason because in your region at this moment no one is playing CS GO. Instead of waiting Faceit will give you match right away.
For them is the waste of time because they dont get Elo that much and you lose only 1 Elo.