Unfair coldowns

i played 10 match yesterday i was super positive play with +80 ADR all games. I give every info i only speak English still lose 8 match i didn’t say any bad Word didn’t judge anyone still banned for bad behavior then im unbanned today played 3 match and lose 2 game and boom banned again what shoud i do just explane me man this is really annoying
Watch my recent 20 matches if u guys find one toxic moment ban me pemanently
u guys probably to say change behavior but what should i do? should i drop first rounds deagle? sucks his cocks? this mongols buying every single round yelling each other playing with 0.20KD and im try too carry them u guys give me coldown are u gonna fix this problem?
you know what im changing my behavior f you guys and f all useless toxic monkeys


Bro i agree with you 1000000%
Faceit is going worse than Valve matchmaking rulee this days.
The worst Online Support i have ever seen.
Switching to Esea i just deleted my Faceit Software and told all my friends to switch to Esea and they did so lets just burn this Faceit

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u right bro i should back to esea i try preminum hubs still same shit every match

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