Unban plz


Hello dear admin! Last game i was reported for nothing bad. I always was at the point where enemenys don’t go. But stack of my mattes loose always B side and decided its my fault that i can’t take rounds on hard retake. They do nothing and always loose their side but blame me. Even when i try to calm they down and explain what to do, tryied to be good. So they report me after for nothing and now i have cool down. PLZ unban me, i wanna play now very much, after 2 days i will have exams and have no time to play any more…


I also got a ban for unsportsmanlike behavior, got caught with 4 not normal ones who only insulted each other, fouled them up after the 5th round and just tried to play and then received a warning from faceit and then a ban, how to play on this platform?

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