Unable to load version from steam.inf


Hi today i was queeing with 2 friends and when was 3 minutes left to join the server i couldnt open the csgo and it appeared this on my pc Unable to load version from steam.inf has you can see here : https://prnt.sc/ml4xak , so this never happen with me before and i didnt know how to fix it in time i needed to go watch a youtube video in order to solve this but unluckly it wasnt in time to join the server and i got banned for 8 hours now i cant play and one of my friends tried to talk with an admin to unban me, he said he couldnt since the problem wasnt with faceit instead he said it was my fault, this is bullshit, this wasnt my fault , i didnt dodge on purpose so why the admin dont unban me? this is nonsense, i hope i can get unban asap since i wanted to play i just couldnt get there in time because some sort of error that was beyond me , so it isnt my fault of an error of my part but from steam it self and the lack of quality of the service prested by valve or steam it self, i hope there was a better regulations for this kinda of situations since i had nothing to do with this.

Hopefully some higher “grade” admin sees this and understand…
Regards, j0x0