Trolls/leavers csgo, ez elo loose



Hey admins of faceit,

can you please make some changes in rules of game? It would be really good. In 3 games today, i had one troll, 2 leavers. One left the game at the beginning, one during the game. Easy to loose elo. Can you do something with it? Make a change, when someone left the game, he is only one whos gonna loose elo, or smtg? I dont wanna play it anymore, you are loosing players because of that. Kick player from game would be good aswell. A lot players gonna be quiet or afk at the begining of the game and after that they always troll. PLEASE, DO SOMETHING!


Hey dude, i play a game last day with someone who troll, but we can’t do something, the only hint i have for you is to play with 4 friends :slight_smile:


we were 4 friends, but when he was telling enemies our spots… No way to win mate.


I mean you play with 4 friends (1+4 : 5), but i agree that a “kick vote” option must be good


yesterday, 2 looses cuz some1 left the game , FACEIT DO SOMETHING!


Send mail to support and report players, if you don’t want leavers or trolls, play with your friends (be 5 in a game) like that you will never have someone that troll or leave the game