Toxicity (please read, this took me quite some time to write)


I hope somebody from the faceit team or something is going to read this even though I would hope that they would already be aware of this problem:

The problem being toxicity.

My experience on faceit:

(playing on average elo from 1400 - 2000+ when I play with my high ranked friend)
In nearly every single game I play somebody comes into the game already tilted/toxic, for whatever reason, and usually because he is being toxic/aggressive (etc.) somebody else is going to get tilted and before you know it everyone is tilted.

Often people say after just a round or two “just go lose fast” or something of that nature and either they just play very reckless from that point forward or they even actively troll a teammate for some reason (e.g. in my last game I dropped an awp and two people wanted it and then the person that didn’t get it ended up running around after the one who got it knifing him him the back, to annoy/grief him, and bock him).

Sometimes they also go afk with bomb or feed it into the enemy team or a million other things you could think of.

In short: basically every game is being sabotaged by toxic people and I’m stuck there trying to babysit these (mostly) grown adults that behave like little children.

That’s obviously not fun and also ends up in a lot of loses that potentially/probably would have been a win. And to be clear I don’t think that I only lose because of this, sometimes (often) I just play bad, or the other teams just better. I don’t have a problem with that.
But what I am saying is that in my humble opinion there are a lot of games that would have been a win or at least there would have been a realistic chance to win the game.
And even if that’s not enough at the very least it just makes playing games on faceit not fun and even more 9/10 games feel like a chore and that just drives people, like myself and friends, away from faceit to other platforms.

My proposed solution approach:

  • Actually ban people for toxicity/griefing and I don’t know if people are actually being actively banned for that and that brings me to my next point
  • Report feedback. I know that there is a report feedback system in place for cheating bans and I also know that faceit holds the opinion that such a ban does not warrant “public shaming” in the form of the ban being displayed on their profile. Even though I don’t agree with that assessment I think it is a valid one. That said anonymised report/ban feedback is all that is required. You can just do it the same way VALVE does it: give the user a notification similar to “A user you’ve reported for [insert reason here] has been penalized for his actions.”
  • There also needs to be a elo revert for these kinds of games. If a player gets banned for toxicity/griefing for every single game that he lost and was also reported for toxicity/griefing his team should get the elo back. I don’t believe that the winning team should get their elo taken away, because it would seem to them unfair to punish them for something out of their control.

In conclusion:
Toxicity is currently (and already for a long time) the biggest problem faceit has and is must be handled because toxicity is contagious, if one person is toxic other people are going to become toxic because of his toxicity and they will carry that toxicity into their next game and so a vicious cycle of toxicity is born.
People have to get penalized for such behavior and, if excessive, people should even get permanent or at least long temporary bans (e.g. 1 month, 1 year).
There also has to be feedback (notification) as well as compensation(elo revert) for users affected by such behavior.

If anybody took the time to read this
Thank you