Toxicity during pugs in csgo

I just wanted to share what ive experienced during premium pugs in csgo.

So i dont really play much anymore but from what ive experienced since csgo was released i can tell that the toxicity and overall behavior during matches as gotten MUCH worse!

The four matches i have played since i came back to faceit after a 6months break were ALL so bad that i told myself to never ever use this service again.
The reason why i came back definitly wasnt because of the service faceit offers but just the game itself.

I think we all know how toxic MM is besides the fact that its even less competitive than faceits premium queue. But if imo faceit is just much worse in terms of people. The problem with this is that i am paying 13 bucks a month to have the worst time possible.

I mean where else do i get insulted and harassed non stop?
Where else do i get aggressions over and over again just by interacting with othe people?
And why the **** do i pay to have such an experience?
I am sorry to say so but If you think it that way its just more than stupid to play here.

And then there is the FBI system that pretty much is useless. Because all it does is banning ppl
after the 10th report or so.

And if we create a support ticket we have to provide timestamps of the demo otherwise your support wont do shit.
What this means is basically this:

+We pay you.
+We have a shitty match experience because you dont take care of your community so we have to enduro a lot of insults and all that shit during matches (pretty much in every single game).
+We have to download and rewatch the demo, after that we write down the timestamps after going thought every ******* insult we endured during the match a 2nd time.
+We open a support ticket on the most laborioust way providing timestamps of the the insults and trolls etc.

I can not put into words how unsatisfying this service is. And i am 100% sure that more than 50% of the playerbase would fully aggree with me on this topic.
Just imagine going to the club or to the cinema or playing in a sports team and there would be nobody to make sure that assholes and inmature idiots get thrown out.
It would end in a bloody mess every single time if nobody would take care. People would beat the shit out of eachother all day long. And on faceit its nothing else the only difference is we do not have bouncers and thats why it escalates EVERY single game.

If some people of this community are not able to behave like normal human beeings and are not able have a normal social interaction without insulting others non stop they should get banned right on the sport.

What that means is we need live admin support or atleast an easy way to report people so they can get banned fast and easy.
And we as the community have to change our minds. Not just in terms of behavior no, i mean in terms of not accepting/tolerating such behavior and if faceit isnt willing to make this community endurable we should stop paying for this.
Just show them that this is not ok.

Now after 2 wasted pugs 3 wasted hours and a completely fucked up mood on my free sunday i will end this topic now hoping that more than 2 people will read this and that you - faceit - will take care of things ASAP!

Best regards.


Played two matches today, same scenario again. Wanted to chill and to relax after work.
Got two matches in a row with trolls and ppl who flame non stop just to piss of other people.
Got insulted for having autism and beeing an idiot besides of many other fkn insults.

The people ive reported yesterday are still not punished for the shit they spead.
And i am paying money for this to have a good time. lol