Toxic players?


When you will take care of toxics players ?

2 ridiculous premades from Norway, insulting us (they were not better than us, particulary LaterBi2tch who were last… lol), and griefing the game by giving infos (proof ruined (AGAIN) my game, wasted my time.
I’m fucking stuck at lvl3, because it’s a JUNGLE, with a lot of MONKEYS, and you FaceIT, you do nothing.
When we complain “gIvE tHumB dOwN We WiLL sEe”… but that change nothing.

See ? You never answer on this forum… YOUR forum… How can we have a good community ?

My friend tell me “subscribe to supporter, players are less toxic”… AHAHAHAAH NO. I’ll never pay 1 CENT to this website if they don’t care of every players. If I pay something, it will be ESEA.