Toxic players not reprimanded


It seems that unless I have a 5 queue, half or more of the games I play have toxic people or throwers on my team. Their response to getting reported is that it hasn’t worked before and won’t work still. This mindset of not being reprimanded for toxic and unhelpful behavior seems to be cultured and unaffected by the reporting system in my experience. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



Been shouting this for weeks. FACEIT simply doesn’t ban toxic players.


It’s funny because i got banned for muting toxic players (they decided to report me after the games) which led the FBI score down which then led to a ban.

Some might get banned but not nearly as much as it should do… people don’t care enough to report players if they aren’t toxic against you personally. It’s sad that the system is this way and there haven’t been any adjusting to it when people start to notice this more and more. Solo queue is a toxic dump where you just want to hope to get positive / neutral team members.



I played a lot last night, 70% of my games had someone toxic on team. Had to mute within first 3 rounds. In some games I had to mute 2 people on team.

90% of my losses have 1 or more toxic players on my team.

I believe Faceit uses FBI system to purposely put toxic players on your team when you’re due a loss. To enforce 50% win/loss ratio.


All we can do at this point is to speak about it. If you join a solo queue game you can expect a bad game due to the fact that there are so many toxic players around which can continue to be it.


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