Toxic players need to get banned FASTER


First things first. I am talking about PREMIUM only queue. Not the free version of Faceit pugs wich is much worse.
But since i am paying i am very unsatisfied with the quality of the pugs you have to play here.
And the main reason why is that in 90% of the matches you lose you get people who either:

a) dont use their mics at all
b) flame non stop
c) just do random shit like blocking you, teamflashing, running in and dying asap.

And its like in every second game i play. Another huge problem is the Vote kick system. People can abuse it so easiely and actually never get punished for it.
They troll the entire match, then they kick you. You get cooldown , you lose elo , get tilted and they laugh about it.
I am stuck in level 6 elo for ages and it just feels like smurfing. The problem is, the longer i play the more do these inpolite players tilt me. Muting them is NO OPTION because they still mess up your game.

You play for ladder?
NP just try to not have toxic idiots in your team. Because if no one is flaming you usually always win easiely.
But when you lose its really almost every single time because of toxic idiots.

The FBI system dosnt help at all. People are too lazy to use it, so you should force them to use it before searching another match.
And you should lower the reports needed for a ban.
And then you really have to punish such behavior with like atleast 2 week bans because otherwise these ppl wont stop.

We need very clear reasons for what behavior we can kick people and for what not. If its unjustified then ban them for the rest of the month so they learn it.
If you would force ppl to rate players after the match the people that are toxic af non stop flaming etc would get downvoted pretty fast and then you really should hit them with a ban that actually really hurts them.

It is so frustrating so please do something about this.


so i just wrote this down. And decided to play another match.
And thats the link to it (looks weird i know , no idea why just open it it leads to a faceit pug):

Dear faceit staff, if you really are interested in offering your customers a good experience then please in all honsty WATCH THIS DEMO.

I meet people like this special one in almost every second match. It is so very frustrating it feels like you dont give a **** about your paying customers that actually just want a great game experience and competition.


I agree with some of the things you state, you might want to check out my thread:

I hope you can state your opinion about the thread because no one has even answered on it yet.




I give this one more push with a short story.

After i reached level 10 it felt like i finally dont have to play with total noobs anymore. I was 1st in my league with 100 points ahead. Doing between 1.2 and 2 kdr every game.

Then ive got matched with only toxic assholes 11 out of 12 matches in a row.
And quess what. Ive lost all of these. I lost like 200 elo in 4 days because of such players.
I am tilted so much that i cant even get a kdr of 1 just because some immature people think its a good idea to non stop flame every possible person in their team.

Funny thing is, before this shit started to happen i played 1 match with Boombl4 from QBfire. I had a good mood the game was fun and i actually carried him hard. He told me that hes impressed how good i am etc.
Then on the other hand i get non stop toxic assholes which actually make it impossible for me to play well.

It really is extremely frustrating to see your performance suffer from such people.
I am pretty sure that i lost the chance to play for c fpl next month already because of this lose streak im on right now.

Btw, the guy ive mentioned in an earlier post of mine was not banned at all.
Ive provided timestamps, demo and matchlink, explained the situation etc etc. And you dont do anything about this issue. I cant describe how fucked up this is, i dont have no words for it…


I dont think that i must to give calls over mic.
This is nothing to get banned some ppl playing without mic.
when they crying and be toxic u can mute them?!?

That are just little thinks u say that dont even care some one for real


If people dont communicate it makes you play worse. Your elo depends on teamplay. If somebody dosnt call its pretty much anti social.

And if they flame and you mute them its just the same. It makes you worse and the match less fun.
But yes i think that not using a mic shouldnt be a bannable offense.

I mean if you get toxic mates and you play your hearth out but it dosnt help at all because these guys are tilting you or just dont care about the win or lose it will punish you in the end even if you are trying your best.

ps. i dont think that i stated that people without a mic should get banned.

edit: 1 day later. Lost 70 elo again because of such players.
I’ve played two matches today. I had a good mood and wanted to play some good matches.
But on the first game my opponent picked nuke over cache so two of my teammates did go full rage mode in pistol round before even 1 frag happend calling 16-0 GG etc.
They continued to do so for the rest of the match. Somehow we managed to make it 15-15 and played OT but then they just shouted non stop. Bought shit guns and ran into the enemy just to lose the match even doe it was 15-15.

Then i just played another match and guess what, ive met one of those guys again.
And it took him exactly 2 rounds to go full rage mode again. After those two rounds he just decided to non stop shout some russian bs into his mic flaming anybody on the server. He forcebought every single round no matter how much money we had and just ran into the enemy again and died.

With this behavior it took him like 2 more rounds (so in round 4) to tilt pretty much everybody else on the team. And we lost it 16-4 after a 2-2 score.

How is such an behavior tolerated? Faceit could be so good if you would just sort out those anti social players.
There are other platforms out there who deal with those guys in 1 or 2 days and then they are gone for like 30 days.
But on their platforms you dont have that much of an competition and thats why i like faceit. But the fact that you completely destroy this by letting all sorts of idiots play here is just not getting into my head.

I mean i have to open tickets with timestamps about somebodys bad behavior to have a chance to get justice. But even then it does not do anything…

If you would meet such people on your workplace or shool or in a bar or in your soccer club. You would kick those guys out after they behaved like this once or twice. But here, i pay you money to get a good service. And you just dont do anything about it. It really is disgusting.
Honestly i thought about resubbing again after all of this. For some reason i did, maybe i thought it would get better. But hey it took me two matches to realice that this community is lost no matter what.


A major problem is the toxicity and flaming that is constant on faceit, with that a lot of muting is getting enabled, even for myself. For that no one should be banned.

I also hope for an english mandatory queue/ladder, i hate when i end up with for example 3 russians who only speak russian with eachother when it’s a solo 5v5 queue.

However i agree that toxicity and griefing should be punishable, especially toxicity/flaming aspect because i believe people actually start griefing when they getting flamed or people just targeting them because they feel the urge to blame someone. It’s sad.

The report system is faulted as you might report someone who is toxic against you especially but the rest of the team do not necessarily care enough to report them after the game due to the fact it wasn’t against him.
When it’s only 1 report on the guy the moderators wouldn’t really notice just because it’s only one report. I guess there is a lot of factors that play in, but again i strongly doubt this stage.

Hopefully faceit evolve for the better.´

Thanks for the feedback!

Toxic guy that ruined all our game

+1 +1 +1

Every time I level up from 1-3 to 4, my teams become less and less communicating. If you don’t top frag, no-one seems to care for your calls. What ever you do right doesn’t matter if your accuracy is not 100%.

Called info is laughed at. Lost clutches are laughed at. And even if you succeed at something - anything, you get flamed most of the time. There doesn’t even need to be any real mistake to trigger it. Even making a proper play and call gets joked about and nobody seems to care. This is literally ELOhell. I probably can never make it out of lvl 4-7 without a full premade.