Toxic community



The faceit community is a really disappointing and disencourages me to play in faceit. I’ve seen a trend in my games which is when I am performing worse than usual, people start voting to kick me and often they do. In my latest game, we were winning by 7-0 and suddenly my team votes to kick me and all vote yes. The only reason why it would make any sense to kick me was because I muted the team because I did not want to deal with toxic people but still is it a reason to vote for a kick from the game? In my opinion no. Anyways, this leads to my ban from faceit for 6 hours (because of previous teams kicking me out of the games) and derank to level 1 in the premium ladder which should have been a lot better experience than the free version. It is nearly impossible to be positive and believe in the ranking system when teams are not friendly or trying to work together. I am very dissatisfied in my faceit premium experience needless to mention the free to play experience before that.