Toxic community


such a toxic community within levels 2-5 faceit. every lobby i get people talking down on everyone, throwing, or even just plain rude. People get upset when you dont pick “correct” maps. Sometimes they will not even join the lobby in that case. Others will be so upset that they will plain out throw the game. I love the idea of faceit and i play to progress my abilities within CS. but i am having a hard time telling the difference between matchmaking and faceit.


A lot of people would say that only diffrence is anticheat, but the anticheat is just a placebo so, gl in finding diffrences. I see only one, MM got better servers.


We all love the idea of faceit but faceit don’t know how to run a system like this. Sad but true. Sorry bro, cry with everyone else who are not level 8+ and playing on a broken system.


Completely understand, currently I dont play much 1v1 mid but its one of the few tournaments I can play solo, but honestly both games i’ve played since i took an 8 month haitus have been INCREDIBLY toxic, more so than my matchmaking by far, I also dont even say anything, and even when I muted him he still bad mannered paused on me after killing me.

Honestly just makes me really disappointed that these are the only people I can play with, those that are this toxic.


there are such at 10 levels
I got kicked today just because I screamed at the teammate even though he started to insult me ​​and my family


I received 3 reports from very toxic players and received a warning) just fine


Yes this is incredible and I think I’m a pretty long term CS player so I would like to make comment too. I really notice today that I pay to hear a continuous fight between teammates. I’m not necessarily targeting that to myself, but the language is indeed really OUTRAGEOUS, maybe even worse than the matchmaking system (silver/nova levels). Maybe I played 5 matches today, there was just one match where people talk to each other kindly. The rest of the matches was just a shouting to each other. The FBI behavioral index is completely inoperative, you receive yourself reports from teammates if you say to them “can you calm down?”, after that they will offend you. What will Faceit do for this? Just unbelievable, “premium” matches are also just a joke. I can’t recommend anyone starting Faceit gaming.


You are aware that feeding the toxic player only makes You equally toxic and it makes the first person be even more toxic.

Next time just mute him or her and relax. Report him or her after the game (red or green thumb if you want to pay homage to a nice player) with a reason if you think he deserves it.


You do not need to keep track of the community, do not forget that you are an integral part of this community, watch yourself first of all, perhaps then the community will change

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MM is somehow better than FaceIt premium, it’s making me laugh my ass off. Back to ESEA I go.


There is no ban on faceit for beign toxic, so everyone can be toxic. If u want to go back to ESEA, do it. Esea anticheat client is really working at some point, they got much better servers, and karma + ringer system. On faceit u can be toxic, u can hack, nobody actually cares. It won only because of rewards.

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If players will report player for toxicity than he will get max 24h ban.
Main issue is than Faceit allow live Admins to solve only server issues otherways you need to report each player.


Thats your opinion and I respect it.

What makes you believe that MM is better than FaceIT Premium?

BTW do you actually join the premium ques and not just the regular ones? There is quite a difference because 99.999% doesn’t hack in regular fre 5v5 and noone hacks in Premium 5v5 but people play a bit more serious in the Premium ques