Tournament Frustration


I doubt i’m the only one that is severely annoyed with the tournament system, right?

I mean, joining a tournament and having the “confirming team” box pop up without the ability to move it or close it when it gets stuck is annoying.
Actually you Can close it by pressing esc but then you might drop out and the team chat box dissapears randomly when I do it.

Sometimes you are in a queue but the team chat is still active after the team has been disbanded. (see screenshot)

When you press Refresh, the team chat magically dissapears and isn’t found in the list of chat conversations

Sometimes you just happen to be in a tournament team after have being queuing for One tournament in which you left the tournament/team, but you magically appear in another tournament, while at the same time getting a “game ready” notice for the first tournament that you weren’t suppose to play in. (see screenshot 2. That is a related bug, but not the one i described in the text but it happened the same time. I had left the team probably 30 minutes before the game started but it ws still two game rooms xd)

Small things annoy me more than big things as you can see lol

I’ll probably submit this to the support team aswell. Just wanted to vent <3

Le Bugs as french people don’t say, but they really should!