Tournament brackets request returns weird match_id's


In tournament brackets request we get match_id’s like 5b378cf8628dec0006d7bb9c. How to go from this ID to a normal match id? For example while 5b378cf8628dec0006d7bb9c is the bracket match_id, the normal match_id for the same match is 1117f267-02e6-41a5-b1bd-5b0652d878bd. How to get the second from the first?


Hi Advgram,
thanks for the feedback!
The match id returned inside matches array the should be like 1117f267-02e6-41a5-b1bd-5b0652d878bd, without conversions or other lookups.
We will fix it asap, I’ll let you know when fixed.



Hi @Advgram, good news!
We released a fix for the issue you pointed us out!
Now the match_id returned in the matches array is normalized.