Я раскаиваюсь


Greetings to all admins and moderators FACIT. I will be brief. Very long time I played on your platform with a program giving me an advantage, compared to other players. I did not yet understand how much I’m hindering the Conter-strike community and FACEIT. Time goes by, I change my view of things and decided to engage in cybersport activities. But because of my past mistake, I encountered many difficulties. Many tournaments take place on your platform. I have only one account, I do not want to create a new one. My account is linked to the old faceit account and I can not play it on it.

Since I received the ban on account, I’ve changed a lot. I began to look at the world with a different look. I’m sorry, that I interfered with playing righteous players. Now I’m forced to buy ESEA because there are in MM a lot of players who use cheats.

These are all my accounts at the moment
ESEA: https://play.esea.net/users/1624522
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/D0v4kin/1

Can you forgive me and give me the opportunity to start everything from scratch?
If so, then untie my steam from all faceit accounts

I am very sorry for my mistakes in the past


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Game accounts cannot be removed from profiles. Please read this support article and don’t create new accounts: