Бан на фейсите


Пару дней назад моему другу (https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Bobo228)выписали бан за мошенничество(читы). Читы он, конечно, не юзал и сразу же отписал в поддержку, поддержка ответила быстро и запросила steam id 32, 64, game type. Ну друг все скинул и в итоге они отвечают, что у него бан за мошенничество и вдаваться в подробности из-за чего бан они не будут, ну и дальше список того за что может быть бан. Ну отсюда вопрос: что делать дальше?По крайней мере причину бана ведь они обязаны назвать.


Write in English.


A couple of days ago, a friend of mine (https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Bobo228) was banned for cheats. He did not use cheats and immediately wrote to the support service, the support service quickly responded and requested steam id 32, 64, the type of game. Well, a friend gave them everything, and in the end they answer that he has a ban on fraud, and will not explain what exactly did they block him for. Аlso a list of what was blocked. Well, hence the question: what to do next? My friend did not use cheats ever and want to know for what he was banned.


FACEIT has its own anticheat and players that get caught by the system will be automatically banned.

Your friend is cheating and he doesn’t want to admit it. This does not mean that the VAC did not catch that he would not get a Faceit ban.


I am sure that he did not use cheats. Why can’t you name a specific reason for blocking (wh, aim or what)?


To accuse a person of deception and not to say that he violated, strange


On daily bases there are multiple bans each day. Faceit AC will not ban you for nothing.
Trust me your friend was cheating!


An error can always occur.
What type of cheats did he use?Support should told it.


You can argue with your friend about it but he was cheating!

At this point you have no other option.


I have not received any evidence of this. Again, any program can sometimes be wrong.


AC will check your screen, game files etc. not programs.


I told about AC. AC is a program. It can sometimes be wrong



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