Too many error request


I am receiving an error as described. Sometimes I received 429 error. I think my rate has got limited. Is there any workaround to handle this situation, because I need all demo files in your servers.


You set some timeout between requests?


you mean a sleeping time?


Yes, its not Faceit issue because they store demos in Amazon storage.


I receive this kind of error while getting stats as well. I need retrieval of lots of page and file so It should be fast. Therefore, It is running on parallel. What is the minimum amount of time should be put for not being a spamming for your servers?


As I know Faceit dont have api limit. In curl php I never had issue. Mby your request code is doing something.


Update: Even if I retry after waiting 30 seconds, I get same response. Need answer from developer.


It will be faster if you request support ticket.


Hi quancore,
can you write here the url you’re calling? The log you pasted doesn’t show what you’re saying.

To be clear, the Data API has a rate limit: 10.000 calls per hour. If you exceed that limit, we will return 429 (until next o’clock hour).

The demo files are stored on Amazon s3, if you get 429 on the demo retrieval, is not our RL.



I added link.You can see where I retrieve an error. And when it starts it is not stopping and giving me same error for every request (even sleep 1 2 minute)


Another thing is that when I try to download some of demo files, it gives me this response.I think you are putting the object to glacier but it means that this demo files is not available and will be removed?



Up. I am receiving may error request from your server. I am connecting on totally different machines with different ips. And I did not made 10.000 call for any hour. Even if I did, the situation is not reset because it passed like 8 hours but still same. Here is the error response:


Serious up. I am unable to get JSON data form your server.




I was rate limited a couple of days ago and I was almost certain that I had not gone over 10,000 requests (unless I have a bug somewhere that is making repeated calls to the FACEIT api).

As soon as the next hour came around, I was able to call the api again, so no problems around that for me.

FYI I was using the /matches/{match_id} endpoint


So you are saying that it seems okay for now. I will try again as soon as possible


I’m just giving my experience, mostly seems okay for me and my configuration