To all the CS:GO beginners and noobs, here are some tips that might improve your gameplay or help you getting started!



Ok, so I created a post a week ago asking for advice because I am just starting with this game and even though the post got some views nobody bothered to share any tips with me (or the rest of the community). So, I decided to take matter in my own hands and create a couple of posts here and on other similar forums which may help newbies (or players that took a break from the game and maybe even some more experienced ones)

Here’s what you want to do (and not do):

-Learn as much as possible about the game; watch some streamers, ask friends that are playing it for a long time for tips, find some guides online etc. Here is a playlist with youtube videos I found that’s good for starters: I know it’s a bit long (~2h), but trust me - it’s completely worth it. The creators of the videos are highly appreciated in the community and they know what they are talking about.

-Do not be toxic to your teammates, do not insult them if they make mistakes and do not get angry for no reason; remember - it’s just a game. And also, vice-versa - if someone flames you, insults and trolls you should not give a fuck. Just report him and carry on, next match you will do better.

-Communicate with your teammates. Do not type out stuff, this is a highly dynamic game that requires verbal communication. If you are insecure about your “broken English”; just do your best, you will pick it up faster than you would ever expect.

-You’re not playing alone; this is a team game. There is no “I will solo kill them all if I rush”.

-Choose your role wisely, as you can see in the playlist I posted there is a video that explains roles - make sure you find and choose the one that fits you the most. No need to experiment - you know who you are.

-Stay focused! If you are distracted and have other things on your mind and just want to have some proper fun - play other game mode (I usually play deathmatch) and relax. Since a lot of people take this game seriously you don’t want to be the guy that ruins their entire experience.

-Make sure you understand the economy; unnecessary spendings can lead to a bad streak of losing rounds.

-Do not overthink things, react fast. You are a gamer god damn it! Your reflexes rock.

-Make sure if you have some free time to watch some cool twitch streams, there are a ton of streamers that share a lot of tips during their streams, you don’t want to miss out.

-Have some fun! The game is awesome, you will enjoy it.

I hope that this will help someone that’s on his way to become a good player and I have zero doubts about anyone :smiley:

GL HF guys!