Tips for "escaping" low level hell?



Been a member of both ESEA and Faceit for years and decided I’d give faceit another go since most of my friends seem to be playing it.

The experience so far has been horrible. I’m down to Level 1 again because of the toxic games I’ve had, even in 5v5 Premium. In my most recent game, a guy left after the pistol because we lost it. This doesn’t even happen in MM, let alone ESEA. The ONLY good game I’ve had so far was when I played with people from the UKCSGO FFA Hub. I’m not going to say I’m the best at this game, far from it but when I queue with Level 5’s and 6’s and play just as well as them, I know I shouldn’t be this far down!

Any tips for getting myself up the levels without just queuing as 5?