This is just an idea so... why not?


Hello guys!

I was just wondering: There’s still many people playing it but there’s no way to play 5v5 pugs/gathers anymore, and ESEA closed their servers not long ago so, like i said, i was wondering…

Why not open a pug service for CS 1.6? Yes i know, it won’t be as popular as your GO service (unfortunately…) but you did make one for Classic Offensive not long ago so, why not do it for the official game?

Maybe it would help “old players” to come back to 1.6 just to play 5v5 games again.

I’m pretty sure the CS community would appreciate it a lot because, like i said, there’s not way to play 5v5 anymore on 1.6 sadly…

So, that’s my request to you FaceIt! Could you please think about the possibility to open a 1.6 PUG service? :smiley:

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Good idea but I guess they are trying to move forward and dont want to go back i guess. Plus they are adding more games since Counter Strike got stuck on CSGO as you see DOTA 2 SMITE WOT etc. but yeah why not 1.6


I never understood why CS 1.6 was left to die after GO came out… Everything is about GO now but 1.6 is still here…
Like QuakeCon for example: There’s still QuakeWorld tournaments, even if the game is 20 years old! The competitive aspect is still here in QW and players are still playing it as well so i don’t understand why it’s not the same with CS 1.6 wich saddens me.

That’s why i’m asking for this pug service.


But the question is will the pro scene change ? will the old Pros who now play GO, go back to 1.6 ?


I would not mind FACEIT adding CS 1.6 to the platform if they wanted to do it.

But the question is will the pro scene change ? will the old Pros who now play GO, go back to 1.6 ?

I doubt it. Professional players will most likely stay with CS:GO because that is where the money is and they have been playing it for a few years already.

If FACEIT added it to the platform, they would probably play a few games here and there due to nostalgia, but that would probably be it.

Since Classic Offensive was mentioned here. What is the current state of it? There was some initial hype about it and it seems to be gone.


No, i wasn’t mentioning the pros but, for us, the community. Pro players won’t play 1.6 again at their level, they’re “stuck” to GO so…

I mean, a way like they did with Classic Offensive: A way to play 5v5 games, that’s all.

And for CO, z00L said that they were still developping the game since it got Greenlit so… Just wait&see i guess!



Yes, I do understand why you wanted this. I was just replying to @Lovelyjubely.

I believe it all comes down to how many players are interested in playing CS 1.6 on FACEIT.


Oh okay! Sorry about that!

Hm… I think if FaceIt do a Twitter/FB/Reddit post to say that 1.6 queues are open, many people will play it because i saw/see so many 1.6 players stop playing because GO came out AND people are stopping GO because it’s not “for them” but they were playing 1.6 back in the days so… That’s my opinion at least: I’m sure the 1.6 matchmaking would be a success! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just realised… That would be a perfect Christmas gift for the community! Just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bump attempt? I don’t know if any FaceIt Staff saw this thread.


Hey @Jeyer - I did see your post, but I’m unsure how likely it is that we will add CS 1.6 onto the platform. I believe we added Classic Offensive to assist the growth of the game as well as allow our players compete on it.

While CS 1.6 still has a scene surrounding it, and players may enjoy coming back for nostalgia, I’m unsure if it’s something we’re going look at doing any time in the near future.

Please, keep the ideas coming though. I’ll be bringing this to our product team to see what they think, along with other ideas that are posted on the forums :slight_smile:


I believe you guys will add Classic Offensive when the “new” mod will be available ^^

For 1.6, tbh, i realize this week that i just can’t stand GO anymore for many reasons. But i still play 1.6 and i could play many hours in a row of this game. For me, this is not about nostalgia but about the gameplay, the knowledge, the mechanics of the game etc and i can’t get the same feeling in GO, for me, the game is just too different so… That’s why i’m still playing 1.6 and that’s why i bring this idea to you guys.

There will be maybe a couple hundreds/ a thousand players, sure, that’s not the same amount that GO has but still, in my opinion, it’s enough to “bring back” the old 5v5 games, 1.6 style.