This could possibly make the client better



This is exclusively my own opinion, just keep that in mind

faceit go to room

(I also have one where it says 8/10 accepted, which i also think should be integrated, but i can only upload one picture)

I think this would help/improve the client alot so there is always a button where you can go to your room faster / and see how many have accepted

Fyi, i do know thats not the faceit font :wink:


Not doing another topic.

My thoughts:

Performance is improvement over any browser
I dont need that online list who cares about some levels 10 that are online
Stats tab, its really cool that i can instantly see my level elo etc

What you need to do:

I have to be able to see level of the players and their current elo during pick and ban phase, otherwise i have complete no idea who to pick. If that’s possible also show their winratio and match count. If you make it happen im gonna use the app


Thanks for the feedback! Agree that it is important, will discuss internally on how to deliver this :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s something difficult to do for a programmer.

Gonna keep using chrome until you make it happen.

Your app tends to take 15%+ of my total CPU power, can you make app to go idle when CS:GO is detected running?

My cpu is Phenom II 3.0 ghz


Is it on a certain page when it takes 15%? it shouldn’t be taking that much CPU ever (if not for brief moments when opening it etc.).


@Sargon5 We pushed a performance fix on Friday that should have significantly decreased the amount of CPU that the client takes when you are on the match page and/or in game. Can you let me know if you still see high CPU usage?

Also, you can always minimize the client by clicking “x” while still receiving notifications, invites and match alerts. When the client is minimized it goes directly into the task tray, you can reopen it in the same page / state by simply clicking the icon and the CPU usage goes to minimum (should be 0 to 0.4% max).