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I’ve played many FACEIT Rocket League tournaments , mostly 1v1 and 2v2, and have sadly come to a complete dissatisfaction to these tournaments. People are constantly deserting , wasting my time and others time because there inst an AUTO DISQUALIFICATION system, several times i’ve gotten some idiots who decide to have team colors, mutators, non standard maps or wrong servers. i’ve had to either quit or contact an admin and tell them to dq me 3 times, another time i was too tired of waiting until fucking 2 AM in the morning and went to bed. rants over, please fix this crap


Hi @breezy_83 - We’re working with Psyonix on implementation for Rocket League, but at the moment, it’s manual as you’ve noted :(. If you do find players that are ruining the experience like this or not following the rules, please do make sure to report them.


the only way i can do so is when i have a deserter im matched against, how does one contact support (Live Chat) when im waiting in the finals for someone playing a game or who deserted a game in the round of 32 or 64