There was notification but there is no Information



I had a notification this morning but when I clicked the notification icon there was no information everything was the same.

It happened to me twice and probably one of enemy players from my recent games is banned and this notification about because I received +elo, but I wanted to know who is and which match was it. Last time I had an email but not this time also.

This missing notification is a bug ?


I have assigned this thread to @Kaostic. He should be able to take a look at it when he is around.


Hey @aiko1905 - Unfortunately there’s no way for me to check what the notification is that you received. If it doesn’t appear in your Notifications page, you won’t be able to check it anymore.

When you receive a notification, as you said, it will more than likely either be Elo roll-back from a cheater being banned in a game or somebody you reported having action taken against them.


Thanks for the answer.

Is there any possibility to know details of the notification ? It is just curiosity not a big deal tbh.


Unfortunately we cannot see player’s notifications :frowning: