There´s really no way how to avoid Russians in faceit?


Im sorry but im fucking done. Im not racist, but enough is enough. I was first in ladder, today I´ve lost like 8 games. All games I´ve lost ONLY because of Russian teammates. Literally, only because they were russians and they were all doing only the same. Is there a way to avoid them somehow? They destroyed MM, they destroyed ESEA, faceit is now only thing where u can play CS:GO. But this is too much, everytime I have russians (3-4 in team), I loose because they are trolling, doing shits, rushing everything, playing like braindead monkeys. How to dodge them? Cant I get somehow on NA servers where they just cant joing? enough is enough


Everyone who wants to play CS:GO on FACEIT platform is welcome to do so.

You can change region but I dont think it will be playable.


If I play NA servers if you think about high ping, I had greatest ping on NA servers even from american players on ESEA. Same way are all russians having 500 ping in MM on their servers so I would like to play 5v5 with 100 ping with full english team, better than just WE LOST A PISTOL ROUND CYKA BLYAT U BUY EVERY ROUND… it´s just, so hardly unplayable, they fucked my ladder, they are fucking up my games. If they try I dont care if hes russian, turkish, sweden or whatever. There are good players all over the world, but russians is something really special. If I can find somehow like really to change my playing region, is there an option to play with NA only? Or I just have to accept the russians at low faceit level while Im leveling up?


Yes, region NA. You cant escape from russians in EU region.


You cant escape from russians in EU region. Thank you for not having 12k faceit points ONLY for russians, thank you for destroyed whole CS as general. Thank you russians for hacking and throwing in this game, theres no one that could do it good as you. Thank you for deleted CS GO :slight_smile:


3500 faceit points instead of 12k ONLY for russians teammates. I think that is something, after I stopped play MM cuz russians, after I stopped playing ESEA cuz russians. They fucked it all up, literally MONKEYS. All I can say about them, 1/90 russian guys are playing good. How the fuck is thast possible? Why u keep destroying this game?




ESEA might have russians but there are strict rules. If you get noobs or trolls live Admin will ban or kick you right away. Even karma points in ESEA will destroy you if you will do bad stuff.


Yes and still players stopped play esea for prizes that u win at faceit. Faciet just won with worst servers ever cuz prizes they are giving. But it doesnt mater, cs go is unplayable only cuz russians (90% of hackers and toxic players). I just wast to ask if theres a chance how to avoid them or u just have to loose always when u got a russian team (believe me u cannot win that when your teammates screams cyka blyat instean of 1b…)


Just thx. Everytime i feel fucked up because of CS:GO, all matters is that I´ve had Russian team. I have no idea what´s wrong with this nation, but fucking wake up and play some MM games until you get AT LEAST FUCKING SILVER RANK!!! This is too much, you are so stupid and bad, you blame all english players that they are bad only because they are not russian even if ur playing shit. FUCKING STOP THAT!!!


I think your going too far with your statement. Is not that bad as you say.
If you really dont want to play with russians than play MM. In MM you can disable Russia but thats the another story.


It´s really not that bad as I say. You are right, it´s even so much worse. I will make a video once for this.