There is a problem with the FBI score


In a match, four people disturbed the game, I carry it to victory. After the match ended, the four people reported me instead. After a game, the FBI reminded me that the score was low. I think that the report should be checked, not It is entirely because of the number of people who report it. There is some regional discrimination or racial discrimination in the game, leading to abuse of the report.
Especially when you meet a party, your teammate is a party, and you are solo. This is very unfair to solo players. It is not fair.

And sometimes because there are fewer players in the SEA area, they will continue to match the same people in multiple games, leading to abuse of reports in several consecutive games.

Please check this match DEMO


This is the same for me in NA… I frequently get matched up with ESEA users that just simply come to Faceit to be complete toxic assholes to anybody no matter how good you are and shit on you for playing on Faceit and not ESEA… Faceit staff hassn’t banned anybody for toxicity or racism that I have heard of, yet it is such a massive problem on this platform.


Yep, the player moderation leaves alot to be desired so far in my experience.


I agree with everything you said, i got a cooldown ban because i muted toxic people… The FBI system is broken and get abused in the wrong way. Faceit staff has yet to acknowledge this problem, which is kinda ironic.


Oh that have acknowledged it, they are just too lazy and arrogant to admit that it’s a heavily flawed system.