The victory does not count in the statistics



Hello, I’ve been playing on FACEIT in Dota for 5 days and noticed such a thing that FACEIT often does not count the victory in the statistics. Points are credited to Lader (I play monthly and scored 100 points), but there is no victory in the statistics, I go to the statistics 1 victory out of 3 (approximately), because of what I have a bad win rate and a relatively low kDa (3, but if counted the game, which he does not count, but go points in Lader, it would be around 4-4.5). What should I do to FACEIT added games to the statistics? (With lesions not lesions are missed and consistently adds). I just really hate to see statistics for all ruled out wins, I have a win rate of 38%, but in fact more than 60, and the monthly Ladera I occupy the 4th place, which is impossible with a winrate of 38% because with such a winrate of sunglasses will not go to +.
Just because not all wins are counted in the statistics, I can not raise the level, I merged from level 6 to 5 because of this problem. In my statistics are not counted in the 10 wins with a high kDa, but the victory points in the monthly leaderboard. How could I? I would not want to lose these victories, because the games spent a lot of time and effort, but they do not appear in my profile, which exposes me as a weak player.


Sorry about the English, it’s the translator.