The two main issues with FACEIT right now

  1. FBI system. - Bans are not happening often enough to be noticable with toxic players being common in the PREMIUM queue. There seems to be no indication at all that this system is working for us.

  2. Missions - If you were unlucky enough to be chosen for the 150/200 win mission then you are pitted with an almost impossible mission. The point reward? Fantastic! Realistically? You won’t hit it.
    Some people were lucky to get the 60 win mission. At the moment because “It’s in beta!” your missions DOES NOT CHANGE every month.

I don’t think it’s fair that some premium users can farm 20k+ faceit points a month from missions when other premium users can’t hit 150 wins and they get 0 faceit points from it.


I agree.

Take a look at:

Mentioned the FBI system and toxic players.

About missions, i absolutely agree.