The problem with the account



the problem with connecting steam account with cs go. on account imeeca vac ban in cs sours over 1 tysice days. not poluchaetsa to connect my account to steam account help. to Etowah account was my friends but they are the figures lost. here is my steam account : (I osogna that couple is bad and hinder the normal game I have negative attitude to cheaters. I was corrected)


@Sniperok_YT - Please read this support article:

Whats your policy on VAC bans?

Since all of our servers have the Valve Anti Cheat enabled on them we do not allow players who have a VAC or Developer Game ban in CS:GO/Dota2/TF2 to play on them.

If you have a VAC Ban from another game not hosted on our site of less then 365 days you will also not be able to play on our platform, until the ban exceeds 365 days.

If your ban has exceed 365 days and it isnt a ban from CSGO/Dota2 then please Provide the following:-
FACEIT profile name: (Exact Spelling)
Steam nickname:
Steam ID 32 (steam_x:xxxxxxx):
Steam ID 64 (76…):


Once you have, submit a ticket and we will look into manually setting up your account. Please also ensure that your Steam profile privacy is set to Public or our Customer Support team will not be able to add your account for you until you do.


I realized that cheats is evil. and now the cheater are negative. and I realize that 1350 days ago, nazat did the wrong thing by using cheat. (GAMES CS Sours)


@Sniperok_YT - I have removed your previous post as it contained sensitive data. Please submit your request via a support ticket as outlined in the article linked above.