The new UI isnt good


Please make a way to use the old one.


Hi @becko - could you elaborate a bit on what it is you don’t like about the new UI?


the old interface was better


make possibility to choose: old or new interface


Hey @professor_ua - what was it about the old UI that you preferred?


Today he changed the interface of the site, now the default beta interface, and I want to return the usual


I understand that you preferred the previous UI, but could you explain what it is about the new UI you don’t like?


All very unclear, a lot of unnecessary information. the old one was more comfortable and clearer, can it be somehow returned?


Return the old interface!


And now they won’t answer because u told the truth about it and they will do nothing with it.


The intention of this thread is to collect feedback on the UI :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the new one is here to stay, so looking to feedback to help improve.