The most toxic player ever found (need to get perma banned)


I HAVE A BIG FUC**** PROBLEM. Im playing faceit with my “friend” for a long time, but he sometimes (every 2 games) gets mad (with no reason) and he is griefing ON PURPOSE. I have a demo downloaded from our last game on cache, and many more if i would like to. This guy makes people leave match, burning himself with molotov and taking bot, then stays Afk. He Destroys people’s games. This MOTHER****** must get PERMAMENTLY BANNED INSTANTLY. PLS HELP ME! IT MUST HAPPENS.


Hi @FredFlinsto,

I’ve edited your thread’s name as we don’t allow accusations in the forums. I do understand that you may be upset about this and wanted to bring attention to the problem, but this isn’t a correct way to do it.

If you’ve been playing with this user for a long time and you’ve noticed that this player isn’t fun to be around then my recommendation is to simply stop playing with him.

Also, please keep in mind that you can use thumbs up/down at the end of the match in order to leave feedback about the players you met during the match and I strongly recommend doing it. Please see those support articles: