The end of cs:go by cheaters


We have to accept. It’s the end of cs:go by cheaters.
There are no administrators and no responsibility for the faceit by regions, which makes it impossible for the ban in real time in cheaters. No technical proof is required if the evidence is more than clear. What’s the point of making a game platform, if you can not get rid of the only thing that makes the game die - the cheaters?


If you think someone is cheating, please report them with thumbs down feature in the match room. There’s a FACEIT Support article which explains:

  • How to report a potential cheater on FACEIT platform at the end of the game.
  • How do you know if someone is tagged to use the anti-cheat?
  • Where can you play where all players have to use the anti cheat client?
  • What happens when a player is banned for cheating?
  • Do you get a notification of the player’s ban after you report the player?
  • Does the accuracy of your reports have a greater effect when you report cheaters?
  • Do you get some sort of compensation for your reports to the system?
  • Is there a limit to how many matches elo is returned to?
  • What types of automated cheat bans do FACEIT perform and why?

Please read it:

Also, there is a public ban list - This list shows players that have been banned due to the identification of cheating.

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