TF2 Bug abusing ,intentional game trowing and other things that ruin games


I was wondering will you in some near future deal with game glitch abusers and people who trow games intentionaly ?? I sent multiple tickets with screenshots and i also made post on reddit but since i got no reply i have reason to belive you people just dont care about what is going on on your tf2 servers …
I have plenty of screens to share with you if you ever decide to do anything about it .
Player pull in tf2 is low buts as time pass its getting lower becouse you dont do anything to improve it . gl hf


Hey @ZetaReticula - In 9/10 cases, the best course of action to take when you want to report another player is by using the ‘Thumbs Down’ icon in the post-match lobby. This gives a larger data set to work with when punishments are dished out to players, and means that we aren’t dealing with it on a case-by-case basis.

If you do report somebody via support ticket, while we will deal with it, we will heavily advise you to use the above method as it’s more consistent allround.

There’s a support article on this that you can read here:


No offence but thumbs up or down are absolutely useless , and i m talking about players who abuse your rules not for 1 or 2 games but for months now !?I been using thumbs down since i started playing on your platform (every time whit explanation why did i report player ) and i never seen anyone got ban because of it ?And of course you cant make everyone use thumbs because either they won game and they dont care or they just go next game or leave site without looking behind …
Since they (group of players) realize that support doesnt exist on tf2 servers they do whatever & whenever they like …I m not talking here about some player that i have some issue with ,or someone who is toxic ,gfriefing or rasist ? I m talking about players who use expoit ,game bugs and who trow games intentionaly for other players without any fear that they will be punished for what they do …Best thing of all is that you give rewards to same players i described above which is beyond hilarious .

Anyway your answer is insult to my intelligence .I expected you actually do something instead copy paste that funny article . Thanks anyway ill stop sending tickets and writing topics in which i just want for you platform to become better and to atract more players .