After i paused playing FACEIT for ~2months I just started today and I played 2 matches.
First match: 4toxic russians and one of them left
Second match: 3leaver (1 came back) and one was ghosting for the enemies
And the matches I played before my pause werent much better…
If nothing changes in the next weeks/months ill quit FACEIT.


Hello @yChriS , you can report for toxic behaviour
This is for all other types of abuse in game, this also includes, trolling, griefing, feeding, ghosting, unsportsmanlike conduct, and also inappropriate kicks from Premium matches

Read how to report here :


Hello @yChriS,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. However, I’ve edited your post since we don’t allow posting accusations in the forums.

Could you please read this support article and use the reporting system available in the match room page?


Surely i do report them but the fact that i still get such teammates doesnt change


Im always reporting them but that doesnt change the teammates ill get in the future