I have 1 question , why teambalance are shit in faceit and why servers suck so much in faceit , why they dont fucking care whats happening out there , teambalance sucks in faceshit fuck this faceit thing iam leaving esea is much more better


Hey @Endritmaps - I do understand that you may be frustrated after a lost game, but it is really hard to find anything constructive in your post.

The matchmaker tries to create fair/balanced matches based on average team ELO. Unless I have calculated it wrong or picked the wrong numbers, average team ELOs were very similar (1422 vs 1421,8).

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i like faceit , but its really hard to rank up when u get really bad teammates , i have got like 4 matches with not fair teams , and why cant we make faceit based on skills like csgo official servers , i would love to se that on faceit i the near future for know i am just going to finish this months that i have payed for and iam not going to pay again cuz its really unfair , unless faceit does something for team balance , best regards