Team captain rating system suggestion-



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Hey, it’s LouieLoafs casual csgo player currently, used to coach game knowledge/sense to public LAN teams etc. (not bragging in any sense as my KDR/ADR/and aim all in one could use tons of work, I just understand timing/game mechanics well in a logical sense and people saw this in me apparently.

The reason I state this is because I tend to think about the game, and especially the veto/ban portion of the pre-game captain/team server and map selection systematically. Far too frequently, someone is chosen to be a captain when not 5 man pugging and it is a selfish/inconsiderate captain. Picking servers that benefits them rather than the other 80% of the team, not even reading the TEAM chat box, yes guys believe it or not, the bottom chat box there to help you and your team make decisions together, those 40 seconds are NOT only there so you can figure out which map is best to make your new youtube clip of how you carried a 16-4 loss on the map you best prefire off angles.

My idea, something similar to the thumbs up-thumbs down rating system for players after a pug, applicable only to the team captains (for your own team of course, seeing as you’d have no real way of knowing if the other captain served their team well) with implemented repercussions/benefits of being a bad/good team captain. Some mechanics I think should be applied is that those pugging in your party should not be able to vote for you to avoid boosting of your captain rating (could also possibly be applied to the regular player feedback system to get a more accurate rating of how players are acting in game when they’re queued up).

I think some appropriate negative feedback penalties (obviously subject to some critiquing and tweaking)
could be that:

  • After 3 consecutive negative feedbacks in a 2 game period would be a half hour FACEIT MM cool down.
    (counteracted by positive feedbacks in a 1:1 system so if you’re solo pugging 2+ and 2- feedbacks in one game = 0 feedback overall)
  • After 5 overall negative feedbacks in a 36 hour period (not to be counteracted by positive) you get a 24 hour team captain cooldown, you may still pug but you may not be captain! Should 5 consecutive negative feedbacks occur in a short period of time discretion of this period of time is up for debate occur you receive a 2 hour FACEIT MM cool down/
  • After 10 overall negative feedbacks you receive a 24 hour team captain cooldown, and receive a 2 hour FACEIT MM ban.

This list could go so on and so forth with short periods of time in between adding higher penalties, and the amount of times before feedback resets is up for debate as well.

Positive feedbacks should also have respects paid, team captain is an important position, paying attention to the other teams stats of well played maps, picking the best server possible for you and your team to all have good performance on, and making a decision strategically to try and essentially screw the other team but benefit yours to play well isn’t always easy to do, but ignoring your team and just picking whatever you want " 'cuz fuck em " isn’t appropriate, it’s honestly better to play silver matchmaking on steam sometimes because you don’t need an extra client to know you’re getting fucked without lube.

Things like minimal amounts of FACEIT points, maybe avatars or pins on the FACEIT web forum would be appropriate, a pin to display on your account when people check your page.

Guys, please be considerate when you get selected to be a captain, we all just want to have fun but for many of us that doesn’t mean throwing and getting juan deags or not using our brains for up to 90 minutes.
I love FACEIT and it’s an optionally free platform that offers 128 tickrate, secure servers, a forum and has ladders, tournys, options to win points to be redeemed for things that cost ACTUAL money. Let’s show our appreciation and don’t kill the community, let’s help make it better! I hope you enjoyed, feel free to plug in your 2 cents in a non toxic matter. Thanks!

“Shmoke dick ya herrrr”
- LouieLoafs