Switzerland missing in the European Region



Hey there.
As I was trying to register myself with a mate of mine (who lives in Switzerland), an Error occurred and it said, that my mate cannot be part of this 2v2 European tournament, because he lives in Switzerland (ch) and that this is not in the list of the European Countries.
Now I wonder if that is a big mistake and someone forgot to mention this Country in every thread, or it actually has a reason. But as far as I can tell, Switzerland is stationed in the European region so…
I would like to have that changed so that we can actually participate at this European tournament.
Thanks for reading.

Why is Switzerland not allowed to play in the Universal Open?

Hey do you have the link for the tournament please?



But it’s not only that one tournament but every European tournament of the Universal Open tournament and even the rules are without switzerland


So when exactly is it gonna be changed? I would really appreciate if you would change it before the tournament starts…


ehm… hello? I really don’t wanna push anyone but this is something that can be done easily and will help me out alot so please give me an answer wether you are going to change it or not and if so, when exactly?



Thanks for this info and we will look to resolve this here asap. I will let you know if your team mate is eligible after we confirm the country list here to see if there is a mistake made.



A quick reminder that this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.
There really isn’t that much time left so please fix that now, before it is too late.


… really now?



We are sorry for the delayed response here. Unfortunately Switzerland has been confirmed as not on the list of allowed European countries.

Kind regards