Suspected Cheater



I need an unbiased opinion on this player. He use to be really bad like horrendous at csgo could not aim to save his like 20%hs ratio zero game sense did not want him on my team.

He left csgo for like 2-3 weeks came back and just started reking everyone getting hs% up to 80% at some points. not to mention his godlike game sense.

Most people who play against him believe he is hacking even the admins who play with us but the owner of the hub wont approve a ban.

What I think he is using is some aim assistance like silent aim and a radar hack. I dont think he uses full walls just radar.

Here is the match room link
and here is his profile
His name is z0X__

I would really appreciate this feedback as it really bothers me and a lot of my friends that we lose so much elo due to this guy.


In this demo he has 89% hs ratio


I reviewed player who played 20 matches with wh and aim lock and hes still not banned.
I can review demo and give result if hes cheating or not but I dont think it does something.


It would help if you can do that please, then I can go in and really try put something together to convince the admins that he is cheating


I will post it everywhere doing anything to get him banned if you feel he is cheating


You are wrong:

Hes not cheating. Clean game. Hes young and his game sense is not even that good. He made multiple mistakes.
By the way next time make sure to watch demo.


Thank you, it was good to have a new fresh opinion on this matter. I did watch the demo before hand :slight_smile: and his aim looked very dodgy to me based on what he used to be and the rate at which he progressed.

Thank you for your time