Hello. Im a danish CSGO player, and have been wondering for a long time now, why there aint any russian servers. I think alot of players will agree with me saying that russian players, doesnt belong on EU servers. They refuse to speak the language, they have no idea what Teamspeak/discord/mumble - even skype is. They are ruining the game for pretty much any other players than themself. Often when a russian player gets mad over something, he starts trolling in for an example 2.round because you lose pistol.
Can you do something about this? They are ruining the game Experience.


Not all Russian-speaking players are like that. I play Faceit regularly with my friends. And even if we communicate in Discord, we always communicate with the teammates in the voice chat and give information! Any average CSGO player knows the basic commands in English. Among English-speaking players, there are also people who, when Russians meet, start to get angry and provoke them themselves. If you want to play calmly, then respect your teammates in what language they would not say!


I do respect them. Untill they start speaking russian ingame or trolling because we lose 1 round. And that happens 75% of the time, while playing with random russians, litvian or ukrainan players.


I really feel for you. And I’m ashamed of the community in which I play.