Suggestion to the kick platform CSGO

So the kick option from players aint good in any way. Not in steam. Not in Faceit. Not in anywhere. Or only the gameleader should have the kick option. There should be the system that there is always one Captain. Captain makes the call in real life. Not the Private. Teamleader makes the call. Not the soldier.

After the kick there should always have the explanation to the kick. Why did you kick? And proving the kicks purpose to the community and the platform. And if the kick wasnt within the reasons made clear and good enough. The ban should turn around to the players who made the call. Their accounts should freeze a day from the bad call. That is how you could prevent ppl kicking others with light reasons. TY

And to the kicked option. If the complain goes around that it was without a reason. There should be something what makes the annoyed player feel good. As sorry to see that you had a false ban.

But I notice that there should be ppl also who looks these bans. That they are made within the rules. That could be the other players who check the bans in community so no need to hire whole team around it.

Could prevent the annoying hackers in future also. Players checking the matches who shoots behind the walls and who shoots always head without aiming. Hearing could it have been steps or something like that. Hacking epidemic has been going on too long also. Since Millenium. 20 years. Woah.

If I put money in some platform and game. I really want to know I can play it honest.

And btw the game is +16 +18. Depends of the country. So why kids? (yeah I know they make most of the money with their dads credit card… lol ) AI and community could prevent the kids play in future competitive games. It is possible to make AI recognize underage voice. You never can fake your voice.

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This is amazing idea as I am a victim of that dumb voting system!!!