Suggestion for better life in faceit



Hello, recently I’ve seen many people complain about the situation where a team leader pick a certain server which most of the time is not the best for teammates, i’m talking about the Sweden server since its in my region of course.
my suggestion is to add a pre-veto step which every player will have between 5-10 seconds to click if the Sweden server is good for him or not and if even one player will press on ‘No’, the server will be immediately banned.
the problem of the server being picked happens for multiple possible reasons:1. the leader thinks that if the server is good for him, than its best for everyone else. 2. the leader doesn’t read chat sometime, which causes him not to notice where all players are from and what pings do they have there. (in my case and for all my country - around 130-150 ms in SWE server, while in germany its between 60 to 80).
I really believe that adding this pre-veto step will improve the environment of the game and will dramatically decrease the amount of game dodges that happens for this exact reason.

thanks in advance, Hacket