Stucked in a waiting queue


please, cancel my waiting in queue, I am stucked in it. It says in another queue, yet I am not in any


I have the same problem as Bindo. We played together and I am stucked in a waiting queue too.



play praying for an answer. There is only one administrator in the forum and he just deletes the post without answering the problems.


its almost 18 hours from this situation and 8 hours from the post… and nothing happened


I do more than a month ago that I can not even connect my account cs go and therefore I do not play, I write in the forum and the only administrator that presents is limited to closing the pots without answering if you want. And we are an important mass with the same problem.

If that does not bother to answer, hopefully at least I’ll answer you with your problem, but what solutions do you never give? The safest thing is to put the link to support, a link that nobody manages


Please keep in mind that the forums are not a tool to contact the staff, support team, or admins, as outlined in the Forum Guidelines. This means that, if the forum staff are able to assist, they will, but it will take time to reply to messages.

Being a forum, you may be so inclined to ask for help while here. That’s perfectly fine and we encourage players to help other players, however; you may find that a lot of the isses you need help with will require a Support Ticket.

If a moderator or staff member deem your post as requiring a Support Ticket, they will reply to your thread telling you as such, pointing you towards the Support Team, and close the thread. Please do not be annoyed at this - it’s purely to keep the systems we have in place working operationally. The Support Team is incredibly busy, and trying to offer support on the forums is not within our scope.

This also includes following up on Support Tickets on the forums, or asking that your ticket is looked at further. Anything of this nature will need to be directed to your Support Ticket and dealt with directly by the Customer Support team.

If you have an issue, please direct it mainly towards the Support Team via a Support Ticket.

I’ve looked into your accounts, and it currently doesn’t show you as in a queue or in a game, so it’s outside of what I can assist with. If you can find the match you’re stuck in, I can assist, but from what I’m seeing, I cannot. I can see that you., @Dko, played a match earlier today though, so I assume your issue is fixed.

If you’re still facing the issue, you can submit a support ticket to speak with the Support team here:


The problem is that i can play like SLovak FPL in 3 Division … but i cant play normal games like solo or in party with friends and I dunno why :confused:


Yeah, after looking through your account in the backend, I can’t see why this would be happneing, so definitely something for the support team.


I already wrote to support team :slight_smile: … thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Yes thank you man i did it too