Stuck match room


Started the match, chose the card, and the server does not start as much as 1.5 h how to leave the game and start over?

Can they help me or not?

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Me dieron un codigo para "pubg" como puedo cangearlo , no no tengo el juego solo lo ordene porque quize venderlo

Please ask any of the captains to contact FACEIT Live Support. If it’s not fixed by the time @Kaostic is online, he will take a look at it.

Also, I’ve moved your thread from User Feedback to Community > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


I can not


Only captains can do this.




how to write to the captain in support of


!pause the match


!pause the match pls he are weiting for 1.5 hour


@1Pix - If I’m not mistaken, you are the captain. Please contact FACEIT Live Support.


It seems the issue was solved.