Stuck in waiting queue


Hi guys.
I have been stuck in a waiting queue for a day now. Playing 5s last night and one from ours didn’t accept the match. I have tried every way I know to play - daily leagues, starting with a team, lobby, solo but nothing works. I can play games in a Hub but not with a party/team. Tried cleaning cache, dif browser.

Cheers for any help.

Screenshots: lu0vWhd.png

Stuck in queue
Stuck in waiting queue

Hey @slozo - I’ve cancelled the match you got stuck in. You should be good to go now.


Nice one, thank you. :mrs_claus:


Cancel my match also please, im stuck

id - xireinos


Hello im stuck in the waiting Queue…me and all my premade party since last night plz help


Can you link me your match id? I can’t see anything on your account?


it says that im in another Queue


theres no match! lol … thats my username GANGmonsteR


ok it worked … some friend of mine joined from the old faceit website… god knows HOW… and exited it!