Stuck in Match Queue


Yesterday when queuing in a party, something bugged out and caused me and my friend ‘Ceaker’ to get stuck in a random queue for csgo. It now says in the top right of the client that we are in a match queue, therefore it does not let us queue for any csgo match at all. We have both created tickets for this nearly 24 hours ago with no reply.
My ticket number is: 752063
Ceakers ticket number is: 752080


Same happened to me and im still stuck…


me 2


for me tho it says you cannot queue since you are already playing a match


Aaaand still no reply from an admin. Literally a bug that stops us from using the service altogether and they dont reply…


same problem…


i fixed it by more than 10 taps on this “arleady in queue” LOL


Fixed myself by switching regions then queuing up.

Didnt work for my friend though. He had to buy premium just to get a response on his ticket. Sick support.


what region?

#10 PLS FACEIT help me i cant play 3 days


Same happening with me its so irritating


Same problem