Stuck in a canceled match


I played one day on faceit and I got a match. But soon after that, it got canceled because one guy didnt join. That was fine so I tried queueing again and I got this message. you cannot queue since you are already playing a match. I am currently unable to play because of this. Whenever I try to queue, I this message pops up and I cant play when that match was cancled and I am not currently playing anything. Also once it got canceled, it said that it was the connecting time but the match was supposed to be over. So i waited 4 minutes but i couldnt join and after the time passed, I didnt get a cooldown but instead I couldn’t play. I joined in on time and such but now after that game was canceled I cant play anything. I cant get the match url because it was canceled and I think it is a bug.
Here is my info,