Stop giving bans for getting kicked


damn, it happened to me 3 times this week.
i still have this bad habit knifing my mates in round start and
if you do it only once thats already a KICK.
im banned for 2 days now just because i accidently knifed a mate once in a game.

just remove knife damage already.


Just remember to not knife your team mates


yes, i guess you played +1500 games without knife damage and didnt develop a bad habit.
im paying attention, but sometimes it happens and this ban is too harsh for doing it once in a round start.
its shit for me, but more than that.
it ruins the experience of 4 other players that are forced to play 4vs5.
if you asked them if they wanted me to get kicked, they would say NO.

how about this.
if someone knifes a mate a voting starts to kick the person and the team can choose whether to kick or not.


I didnt!