Stock Items in the Shop


Can we have more stock Items in the shop? (Please) or make it unlimited.
I have played everyday just to collect the points and order some items.
But whenever i want to order, theres no stock in the shop. Ive to wait for next month.
So i played for the past month to get nothing from faceit? Should i stand by for 24 hours to wait the items re-stock for the next month?



The shop is restocked periodically depending on the game. The more popular the game, the more frequently the store is restocked for it.

Check back regularly and you’ll soon see the item you’re after get restocked :slight_smile:


So, they restock not every start of the month?

**What if the item I want to purchase is out of stock?

In the FACEIT Shop we have listed on how many items are left of the product, if it is out of stock we are already in the process of getting it back in our inventory. We advise to keep an eye out on the shop in 1 to 2 business days.

During the start of the month it might be the case your desired item is out of stock. No worries! In a few days we will stock up again and it’ll be available for purchase.**

sorry, i just read it~

thank you so much @Kaostic